Day 19

day 19 ser full.png


“Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people-the ones who really belong in your life- will come to you. And stay.

-Will Smith

I have seen so much hate lately rl and sl up and down my timeline.  I just want to ask you all why so much hate lately. Why all the backstabbing. If people don’t want to deal with you…let them go. If they are treating you bad let them go. You don’t need anyone that’s not going to value you as a friend or a lover. Sometimes the best things we can do is let go…

What I am wearing:

ICONIC Kane-RemyNatural- [Iconic Sim Only]

BLAXIUM “Hustler” Fit -Cyan [ Elite Event ] round 12

Scandalize. ALMA HEELS (@MP)

[MJN] Love Affair Liner [ Skin Fair 2017 ] *Sim 1 behind Modish From landing point

[MJN] Love Affair {Fatpack} [ Skin Fair 2017 ] *Sim 1 behind Modish From landing point

FLI. – Herringbone  Ankle Bracelet Gold-Slink High

Personal Shape

ItGirl Skin


Hourglass Mesh Body

Pose[s] Used:

{PM} Reena 2

HOZ Attention Pose

My Background Info:

-VIXX- Mesh backdrop – FAMOUS

Windlight Setting – Gwen’s Light

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