Roux Look 45

roux look 45

Hey Babies, I know you are glad the holidays are coming up. I know I am. This will be the first time I will be cooking for the family with my spouse, he volunteered.  -..- what can I say… NOTHING. So I am a little excited about it and living in horror every minute for the simple fact I have to be up to par per say. My granny and gpa can get down in the kitchen. So I have to live up to the standard…Can you imagine if I burnt the turkey I would never live it down. I would forever be known as the child that burnt that turkey that one year… SO wish me look lmaooo. But anyway I have some more good good from +MuggleBorn+.    Elite is about to open up for a new round so you don’t want to miss that either. As always MODA has you covered with the shoes.  Smooches and safe travels while shopping….

Featuring Designers: .kosmetik,  +MuggleBorn+,Elite,MODA, and more

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:–>What I Am Wearing..Head to Toe<–:


Blueberry – Cake Leggings [ Main Store ]

+MB+ Amy Top {Fatpack} [ Main Store ] [ MP ]  
[MODA] HEIRESS HEELS & HUD [ MP ] ★THE TRUNK SHOW★ round ends on November 21st

[RA] Romy Hair – [ MP ]


Accessories/Make-Up/Mani and Pedi
.kosmetik – Gel Nails.rapture ★Elite★ New Round

[VEX] Triad Septum and [VEX] Studded NoseRing [ Main Store ] 

**RE** Luxy Rings – Vista Bento [ MP ]

#EMPIRE – Nails – FATPACK -Omega ready- Bento Nails- [ Main Store ]

**Dirty Princess**Dirty Princess Bamboo Hoop Mesh Earings wHud [ MP]

Avatar Body Parts

Mesh Head Catya by Catwa BENTO
Animated Eyes & Tears by Catwa
Mesh Body Lara 4.1 by Maitreya BENTO Hands and Feet


Background Information                                                   

SAYO SCENES – Zen Garden Backdrop – RARE +GACHA+

Windlight- [TOR] SUNSET – Default

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