Roux Look 55

rude chic 55

Dear Winter, 

                      I’m breaking up with you. I think it’s time I start seeing other seasons. 


Summer is hotter than you…


Here are some last pictures to remember me by..

Hey Babies, Its been a New Year for about 7 days, I hope it’s going to everyone’s liking. Im just counting down till summer. Anyways enough about me its time to get your shop on loves. I got some stuff from my spots. you can find all the links below. With that being said…. Smooches and safe travels while shopping….

:–>What I Am Wearing…Head to Toe<–:

Wasabi // Foxy Mesh Hair – Solar Ombre [ MP

+MB+ Christmas Gift 1 +MB+ Christmas Boa Wrap[ Main Store ]

+MB+ Christmas Gift 2 +MB+ TinselTassel [ Main Store ]

+MB+ Christmas Gift 6  +MB+ Elf 3[ Main Store ]

.::.[~>PB<~].::. Hollywood-Mini-Thong [ coming soon]

+MB+ Christmas Gift  3 +MB+ Elfie Socks [ Main Store ]

Pose Information

:::HOZ:: {Judi} BarStool PosePropElite

PHAZE Hury Home and Everyday Poses Vol 1 ★Elite

Avatar Body Parts

Mesh Head Catya by Catwa BENTO

Animated Eyes & Tears by Catwa

Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body [ MP ]

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet [ Main Store ]

Background Information 

D.U.S.T. -dreams caught in bubbles- photobox 3D build [ MP ]

Windlight- Fairy Dark Blue [ Paulina ]

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